Mar 25 2022

Netflix's 'Sex/Life' wants us to pity a woman

Netflix's 'Sex/Life' wants us to pity a woman with a perfect life who misses her toxic ex. It's hard.

The new soapy series could almost be a metaphor for the existential questions we all asked ourselves during the pandemic if the answers felt less obvious. Netflix's soapy new drama "Sex Life Gurgaon Escort Service," which premieres Friday amid America’s (supposedly) post-pandemic summer, is equal parts amusing and enraging. In it, suburban housewife Billie Connelly (Sarah Shahi) is feeling trapped and revisiting her choice to leave her past as a sexually open single girl behind for a more traditional life as a rich man’s wife.

The Covid-19 pandemic, after all, laid bare just how tenuous modern life has become, and its impact on women's lives — from our presence in the workplace to the impossible pressure of motherhood — was devastating.

Although divorce rates reportedly dropped over the past year, Call Girls in Gurgaon anecdotal evidence suggests it wasn't because everybody fell more in love with their partners.

Then there are those of us who spent the past year unpartnered, who either forswore dating altogether or took our chances (hopefully, mostly) in that brave new world of Zoom cocktails and the sort of prolonged courtships that would have exasperated even Jane Austen.

As the latter — I spent the pandemic with just me, myself and my two cats — being single and childless during the pandemic was no picnic Gurugram Escort Service. The 18 months have been a crucible in which I've cooked in my mental juices and re-examined all of the choices I've made in my life and why I made them — and found all of my answers sorely lacking.

Never mind "having it all" — can I even have, like, a vaguely fulfilling life?

But whether you were solo, partnered or otherwise engaged, the pandemic created an opportunity for all of us to mentally revisit our pasts and consider whether we'd make those same choices going forward. So there’s some reason to sympathize with Billie in her little lockdown, albeit one of her own making, albeit the kind most of us would dream of having.

Then there are the reasons not to: Billie reached the summit of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. She traded her wild nights in New York City with her BFF Sasha (Margaret Odette) for chic napping gowns and a luxurious home in Connecticut with a perfectly loving beefcake of a husband, Cooper (Mike Vogel), whose investment banking career makes ethics and innovation profitable. However, our Ivy League-educated heroine is not just any Betty Friedan cliché; when she starts journaling about what she misses most about her previous life, it's her sex-Call Girls in Gurugram god ex, Brad (Adam Demos), and his monster appendage rather than her abandoned Ph.D. program.


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